From a Sri Lankan crafter to those who cherish & treasure craftsmanship.

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Items from all regions. Traditional crafts to rare vintage electronics.


Bespoke custom designer projects. Wedding ring boxes, Etc


Antique to new furniture with a range of unfinished antiques.

For The Collector

Rare Antique

Latest antiques for the collectors and for the meaningful gifts for your loved ones.

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Japnese cast iron box

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Japnese craft box with lid

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Japnese craft box with lid

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Japnese craft box with lid

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Japnese cast iron box

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Japnese craft box with lid

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Japnese craft box with lid

Have an idea to be built?

Custom desinger

Got an creative thought that needs enlightenment from a sketch to touch? Please feel free to get in touch.

Custom bicycles stands and racks.

Bespoke wedding ring box.

Live edge table.

"Our admiration of the antique is not admiration of the old,
but of the natural."

Popular collection

Collections loved by many and myself.

Door Step

Delivery can be arranged if required, after order confirmation.

Check Before

You're welcome to purchase any of the collections in person on appointment.


Interior & outdoor consultation traditional to modern & tropical.


As a vintage electronic collector. Most vintage items are very hard to find locally but the fact that I can make custom orders on request is just perfect. As alway thank you!

G. Wikramasingha


If you love raw untouched antiques this is the place. I appreciate your interest in understanding the different type of collectors interest, not every collector is the same.

Amanda Jayakodi

Executive Chef

My go to for any of my custom timber projects. It’s always a good experience working with someone who understands and communicates with a creative aspect.

Dilshan Rodrigo

Creative Art Director

Can't find what you are
looking for?

Im more than happy to help you with finding finding the right product. I myself bid on Local and International antiques so please do not hesitate to contact me with your requests.

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About the project

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I believe in the satisfaction of when a craft in mind turned out the way as imagined has always kept me cherishing my projects. And as a self-thought carpenter, this is something I have always enjoyed working with those who cherish & treasure craftsmanship and share a variety of creative thoughts.


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